Brief History - Villa Marietta

Churchill at Montemaggiore. In this page we are speaking about one of most important historic event occured in Italy during the sercond wolrd war. On 25th August 1944 Winston Churchill, the british prime minister, general Harol Alexander, commander in chief of Allied Forces in Italy and Oliver Leese, commander of the XIII british army, arrive in great secrecy in the Marche. The day after Churchill and Alexander go behind Montemaggiore walls to see by this strategic observation point, the deployment of artillery in battle. They sat on a bench and did some pictures. There was in progress the great offensive against the Gothic Line, which will bring, in the weeks after, at the fall of one of the last bastions of german defense in Italy (they were preparing the big offensive of 25 and 26 August).

Scarpetti Maria (Nonna Marietta) lived up to 103 years (29/07/2009), during the above mentioned events, she hosted Winston Churchill in her home. She told with clear mind : ” Our house was located on a hill, dominating all the Metauro valley and on summer 1944 came Churchill and Alexander . Sitting at the table he began to distribute cigarettes. Churchill did not enter in the house, he walked near it just to reach an oak, where he could observe, with a binoculars, the Metauro valley and the hills located among the river and the Gothic Line. A soldier, who entered in the house, brought the flour and he asked to prepare for them “macaroni” (our Tagliatelle). So I prepared the pasta and all of them ate at my table. Churchill ate under two large mulberry. After that we served the tea, then he and an officers group went to the centre. The night after hundred cannons began to shoot for hours, the sky became red… as fire.”


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